The view to handle the like toggling conforms to an ajax response that eldarion-ajax understands. Furthermore, the templates that ship with this project will work seemlessly with eldarion-ajax. All you have to do is include the eldarion-ajax in your base template somewhere like:

{% load staticfiles %}
<script src="{% static "js/eldarion-ajax.min.js" %}"></script>

This of course is optional. You can roll your own javascript handling as the view also returns data in addition to rendered HTML. Furthermore, if you don’t want ajax at all the view will handle a regular POST and perform a redirect.


  • To install phileo:

    pip install phileo
  • Add 'phileo' to your INSTALLED_APPS setting:

        # other apps
  • Add the models that you want to be likeable to PHILEO_LIKABLE_MODELS:

        "app.Model": {}  # can override default config settings for each model here
  • Add 'phileo.auth_backends.CanLikeBackend' to your AUTHENTICATION_BACKENDS (or use your own custom version checking against the phileo.can_like permission):

  • Lastly you will want to add phileo.urls to your urls definition:

    url(r"^likes/", include("phileo.urls")),